The year ahead


If you read this blog you will know my desire to see 2013 draw to a close. I am unsure, as everyone else is, how things will be in 2014 but I have a good feeling about it.  I think both professionally and personally this year will bring opportunities for growth. On the personal side I hope the growth will not relate to size but rather as a human being. i have a few resolutions this year, yes the ever popular weight loss but also I want to learn enough Italian to feel comfortable using it when travelling to Italy. I want to obtain my British Citizenship (if I can pass the Life in the UK Test which most Brits find difficult with questions like how many teenagers live in the UK?)  Lastly, I’d like to finally take a pottery making class, not sure why but it is something I’ve always wanted to do. Okay, what are your resolutions for 2014?

Are you ready to see the back of 2013?

I don’t know about the rest of you but for my family we definitely are ready for 2013 to pass into the history books.  Okay, a few good things did come out of this year; two pregnancies and two wedding engagements (not to the same people) but other than that this year has been full of drama, pain and loss. We will be ringing in the New Year with more gusto than usual, 2013 can’t end soon enough. I know every year has its ups and downs but this one the downs won big time. his Christmas instead of reflecting on the year gone by I will be focusing on the upcoming one. 

Now 2014 on the other hand looks like it will be a fantastic year. New babies, weddings, milestone birthday bring it on! T  I’m looking forward to a more normal year with its normal balance of ups and downs. I hope you have all enjoy your holiday season and that you are surrounded by the ones you love, because that is what really matters.

The end of an era and a family name

On Saturday afternoon my grandmother passed away at the age of 98.  She was an incredible woman who lived a long rich life.  She was married to my grandfather for over 60 years and they had two children.  Unfortunately for the family name they had two girls and no boys. So on Saturday not only did I lose my grandmother but it was also the end of the Cassaro family name.  I think all three of us grandkids have had ideas over the years on how we would carry on the Cassaro name but sadly we never acted on those ideas.  However, my niece Megan (one of 9 great-grandchildren), decided she would do her part by getting a “Cassaro”  tattoo. I was blown away by the gesture and it shows how strong our family links are. It is a shame that that branch of our family tree will now end but other branches are spreading and new memories are being created everyday.  The Cassaro name may not get passed on now but the legacy, traditions and recipes are being passed on through the Matthews branches of our family tree.This Christmas we will celebrate those traditions and the lives of the Cassro’s through the generations the Italian way…through food and wine!  Have a great Christmas and remember “mangi”