New Digs

I am starting my second week in my new job and that means the second week in the pub that I will call home Sunday-Thursday for the next 2 years. Tonight when I checked in I was expecting the aged piano player that was here last Sunday. However, he made way tonight for a “Soul Group”. They were 3 Irish guys ranging from their 50’s to 70’s. Guitar, keyboards and drums. I walked in to an enthusiastic,Elivis type, rendition of Amazing Grace. Sucked further into this time warp, they played some Art Garfunkel, followed by Purple Rain. After 5 songs I still could not find the “soul” part of the music. Oh well, they were enjoying themselves and it was better than sitting in my room. They asked for requests so I figured “what the Hell” and requested Piano Man. They did a half descent job on it and it was the first real applause of the evening. I did give up when they shifted to Doris Day followed by Judy Garland’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I moved to the Sports bar section of the pub and played a game of pool by myself. What a difference 30 years and much larger breasts has on one’s ability to play the game. I’ll keep you updated on the upcoming events at the pub…oh tomorrow night is homemade burger night!