55 is the New 30

I turned 55 years old on Friday and I know it is a cliche but I truly do not feel it, I do think things are different now than when at 55 you were considered a “Senior Citizen”. In the USA it was at age 55 that you were entitled to all the discounts in restaurants and at the movies among other places. Now not only does it feel too young, it is also not possible for most of us to stop working and retire. We cannot afford to live on our pensions even if we are qualified to draw them. Also, the majority of people still have a mortgage to pay well into their 50’s if not later. 

People are starting families later in life partly because they do not have to rush into marriage at such a young age owing to our life spans being so much longer now. 55 feels younger because it is. I have much more to look forward to and am nowhere near ready to be a Senior Citizen! 

Having said all that I am making some changes with the emphasis on making the most of every day, slowing the pace of life by moving to a rural location, that feels like I am constantly on holiday, planning and ticking off those bucket list items. Family has always come first in spirit but now in practice too. Time is moving too swiftly, months go by in a flash, time between Christmases flys by. In an effort to slow it down we need to wring the most out of every experience, every encounter, every adventure and every hour we are blessed to have. I am lucky enough to have found the perfect person to share my experiences, encounters, adventures and hours with and I hope you have too.