Little Brothers

What is it about little brothers. At first they are the ones you are a bit jealous of because they are now getting some of the attention that was previously yours. Why when they burp do you hear “good boy!” When you burp you hear “what do you say?” or “I beg your pardon?” You also start to notice that when they do things you did at that age nothing happens whereas when you did it, you got grounded. 

Do parents get some form of younger sibling amnesia? Their curfew is later than any curfew you ever had and missing curfew suddenly does not come with fear of death. Not to mention when that little bag of weed is found under their mattress the world does not actually come to an end! How life is so different when you are a little brother. 

Then we grow up and now we do not see each other every day, sometimes not for months and then as life rushes past it can be years between visits.  You go to bed each night with an empty place in your heart where you long for a pillow fight or a night “babysitting” no matter how traumatic those nights were, just to be connected. That is when you make a change in your life to get that boy back. We now have FaceBook, FaceTime, email, texts and even blogs to reach out to those guys and reel them back into our lives. 

Don’t miss another day.