Invisible People

You all know how much I love watching people and observing their behaviour. Today I witnessed a few things that I can only explain by saying the individuals in question must think they are invisible. We start the morning in the cab and I see this guy coming down the street,  wearing headphones the size of salad bowls, and he is singing away like he is the star of a West End show. Why would someone do that in the middle of a crowded street in London? Answer: because he thinks he is invisible.

Later we had a photocopier moment. Something caught my eye and when I looked over there was a lady doing her interpretation of a 1920’s flapper dance. Hands were flying, backside was shifting, the whole lot. Granted the office was not full but there were still plenty of people around. Why would she do this! Because she is invisible of course!

We have all experienced the driver’s who decide that sitting in traffic is the perfect time to pick their nose. Obviously once they slip behind that wheel, no one sitting 5 feet away in stopped traffic, would notice them with one hand on the wheel and the other carrying out deep excavation activities requiring half of their arm to disappear inside their head. Why would they do this? All together now…”because they are invisible”.

Moral of the story is someone is always watching. You are not invisible but you do make me laugh.