Pam and Donna’s big move…take two!

Oh yes, you do remember correctly, Pam and I recently moved (well September), but we just moved again today. We truly hope this will be the last time as we are no longer renting! The day started bright and early (Oh, I forgot we are in England in the winter) the day started dark and rainy and Pam dropped me at the train station at 06:00. I was off to work in Coventry while she went home to wait for the movers. The morning did not really go according to plan for either of us. I missed my connection and arrived at work two hours late and the movers were over an hour late to start the move. This wasn’t looking good. However, the rest of the day went much better. Pam finally sat down for 5 minutes at around 19:00 (6 p.m.). and I made it through my day and to the hotel about the same time. Now Pam is in our new home alone tonight as I’m away and so is Tess until tomorrow. The reinforcements arrive tomorrow afternoon in the form of our dear friends Ann and Helen. Not only have they been looking after Tess since Sunday but they are coming to help Pam with the mountain of unpacking. Now, I have said to Pam that once we are in to take her time unpacking, there is no rush. Any of you who know Pam that is the most unlikely scenario ever. I will not be surprised if Home and Garden are not taking pictures of the place by the time I get home on Thursday!

Week 2

IMG_1419Week 2 and I changed accommodation and what a good decision. Not only do they have proper cutlery but it is a pub with real ale, WiFi, great food and they are dog friendly!  The picture is the view from my room. Oh yes, we have more snow. I think when I asked you all to wish for snow on the 13th, for our anniversary, that you did such a good job that it is still snowing. Our temps have not been above freezing since!  The power of collective thought.

Back to the new job, people are starting to figure out that I like to enjoy work which means making jokes during meetings, the requirement for sweets and chocolate at any meeting booked for an hour or more and some of the guys I worked at other places reminded me yesterday that they are waiting for Pam to start baking!  Shortbread and cakes have been requested.

Day One on the Job

Well, what a day!  It went really well however it has obviously been too long since I have worked away from home. It is the little things that trip you up like tonight I ordered a takeaway from a local Indian resturaunt and forgot to ask for a knife and fork. So my lovely meal arrives and all I had to eat it with was a plastic teaspoon from the tea tray, actually calling it a teaspoon was to generous it was little more than a stir stick! Mental note bring a fork from home.

A New Beginning

It has been a long time since my last post and so much has happened during that time. The pain from my Fibromyalgia went off the charts for several months. It took a massive toll on my job and my life. Pam has been my rock getting me through every day and on many days that was our only goal. Then we made a decision that was very risky but felt right. We decided that I should change my job, the job I loved but also the job that my body could no longer support. It was time for a change.

In August we moved back to Swindon (the place that feels most like home to both of us), we went on our long awaited holiday in Rhodes and then returned ready for the big challenge. My employer was wonderful and fully supported my decision to leave the company in order to find a role that I could not only sustain but one that would be good for my career. I spent the month of November applying for and interviewing for jobs. I set myself a target to get not just any job but the right job by the time we left for Christmas on December 21st.

All the agents told me that for someone at my level and with the salary I wanted it would take around 4months on average to get the right job. That might have been the average but I don’t think I’ve ever fallen into that category before so why start now. On December 20th, one day before flying to the US for Christmas I had two job offers! I made my choice that day and could fly to Texas knowing I had a great job to return to. Even Pam who has all the faith in me thought I was being overly optimistic. Somehow it worked out just fine.

Tomorrow I start my new journey as my new job starts at 8:00 a.m. sharp. I feel like a kid on her first day at school, my stomach could secure a spot in Cirque Du Soleil with the acrobatics it is currently performing. I think this will be a terrific opportunity for me and I am ready to make the most of it! While I am away from home during the week (my job is in Coventry which is about 85 miles from home), Pam is busy packing for our move. Yes, I did say move even though we just moved in August we now have another move before the end of January. This one however we hope will be our last move. We are moving into the house on Garsington on the 28th of January…the house we are buying.

This evening Pam and Tess dropped me off at my hotel for my big day tomorrow. Now they are home and I’m here and today is our 3rd anniversary. Pam and I met 3 years ago today in a snow storm and guess what? It is supposed to snow tonight for he first time all winter! How cool is that?

I’ll let you all know how I get on tomorrow, in the meantime make a little wish for snow tonight?