It may be a Wednesday in April not a Thursday in November…

… but I still feel thankful. The sun is shining in London on this beautiful April morning and with all of the tensions in our world today it made me so grateful for the small gifts in my life. In the back of our minds there is the fear that these tensions could escalate into something none of us want to think about. If you flip that coin on its head it is a perfect excuse to recognise those everyday things we tend to take for granted.

For me they cross a broad spectrum here are a few:
Sunshine on an early April morning means less traffic and a quick dash across London.
The staff in the local Pret who make me smile when I get my coffee.
The lovely security guys at the office who always open the door for me. (Wow! That is 3 things and it is before 08:30). I’m on a roll now.
Knowing that when I get home from London tomorrow the most incredible woman in the world will be waiting for me. Along with the silliest Labrador and most insane cat on the planet!

There is so much that I am grateful for everyday and I never want to take that for granted because so many people in our world live each day with heartache or fear or war. Yet these people are still grateful but grateful for very different things; food, shelter, silence that bombs don’t shatter or for some it is being grateful for just one more day.

Here is your mission today if you choose to accept it. Take a negative situation and flip it around, find something in your life that you are grateful for. Hopefully by focusing on the gifts and good stuff it will diminish the impact from the negative situation you encountered.
Please feel free to post your situation and what it made you grateful for as a comment below.