When Work Feels Like Nursery School

Today at work I could have easily been back in nursery school. We played various grown up versions of children’s games such as Pin the Tail on the Project Manager, Hot Potato or Pass the Ticking Time Bomb and my personal favourite “close your eyes, stick your fingers in your ears and say “I can’t her you!” By the end of the day I did not know if I should call my mommy to pick me up or raise 25 Programme risks!

Circular Conversation…

I work in a very diverse and multi-cultural team and on many occasions someone says something and it is not immediately clear what point they are trying to get across, but you figure out a way to understand each other.  Then you have those times like I had today where you have to go and speak to someone about something for the second time.  I approached this individual and starting in by saying, ” I’m sure you remember last week when I asked….”  As I’m speaking I can see his head nodding and he is smiling but his eyes are telling me that he is completely clueless about what I’m saying.  I try again, I rephrase my question.  More nodding and smiling.  I’m thinking “this is the point where you actually speak and words come out that tell me what I need to know.”  Nothing.  Normally by now I would give up and find another way around my problem.  In this case however, this person is the only person who can help me or rather who should be able to help me.  If he does not know the answer then my problem just got much bigger.  Then those fatal words came out “leave it with me.”  Oh no, not that!  What he is really saying is “leave it with me until you forget you asked me.  That way it doesn’t matter that I don’t have a clue about what you talking about.”  In the end I walked away nodding and smiling.

A Really Good Day at Work…

When was the last time you had a really good day at work? (FirstWatch folks excluded because you all work in the “Dream Team”).  I realise that I am still in the honeymoon phase of my new job but still yesterday was the best day I have had at work in a number of years. I won’t bore you with detail other than to say that I had to give a presentation (as one hour of a day full of presentations) to a group of people I had not yet met. I had to present my test methodology (see why I did not want to bore you?). Not the most exciting topic I’m sure you will agree. I launched in and did my best. When my slides were finished and everyone in the room was still awake and did not appear to have gnawed any limbs off I felt pretty good. Then I received some lovely comments from the people around the table. I was floored. I was not expecting such a positive reaction. I don’t think I actually even touched a single step on my way down the stairs…I was flying!  That feeling lasted long intro the evening and I felt great. We all need a day like this once in awhile just to allow us to remember that what we each do everyday is important and does make a difference to someone. This exerprience will now always be there and on those days there are not so good, I can draw on this to push me through. I hope you have one of these days soon.



Yesterday Pam picked me up in Coventry and we drove home. Not just to the house of bricks and mortar that we live in but home. I walked inside and was amazed by what Pam had achieved in just three days. The kitchen and dining were ready for company. The sitting room felt warm and cosy just waiting for the many conversations that are to come in this room. My office was all but ready to work in (thank you Ann and Helen) and the master bedroom looked incredible. Pam cooked a lovely meal and we ate at our dining room table with candles burning and Presecco in our glasses. It was a fantastic homecoming. I sat at the table in this place that was my past but is now my present and future and it felt just right. A place to watch our family grow and flourish. Tess has settled in and acts as if this has always been home. I know how fortunate I am to have this wonderful life and have such fantastic friends and family.