Birthday #50

Awesome, incredible, fantastic…pick your most positive adjective and it will fit to describe today. Leading up to this milestone day I was not feeling overly enamoured with idea of turning 50. However, I have changed my mind and I think 50 is very cool. If today was any indication of how the future will be I’m ready for it!
I have been blessed to have had so many wonderful people in my life. I have been influenced, coached, mentored and loved by theses people. You all have touched my heart and left your impressions. I could not start to name you all but you know who you are. I carry you with me today and always.

Goodbye 40’s

In just around 4 hours I will be turning 50 years old. In so many ways it seems impossible but when I look back at all that I have experienced in these 49 years it is truly amazing. All the good times and the not so good have made me who I am today. If you look at your life as a mosaic and think that all of those individual moments sewn together represent your journey. There will be bright moments and darker ones but it takes all of them to complete your personal picture. I think my mosaic is looking pretty good and I hope it is many more years before it is complete. Goodbye 40’s, let’s see what the next decade brings!

9 Days and Counting…

I can hardly believe that in 9 days I will turn 50 years old! How could that possibly have happened? It seems like yesterday that I was running around the neighbourhood playing Army with my brothers, or planning the next snowball war with the kids from the next block. (No slush balls or embedded objects allowed). Before we knew it we could hear Mom calling us to come home for dinner. That would mean Dad would be waking up and having supper for his breakfast. Dad worked the Midnight to 0:800 shift so he slept during the day. We always ate together at 5:00 every day no matter what.

Sunday’s were an exception because we went to my grandparent’s house after mass. We would hang out or play whatever sport the season dictated, baseball in the sumner, football in the winter. Then it was back inside for pasta and meatballs…wow I swear I can still smell my grandma’s sauce. It would have been cooking for a minimum of 8 hours, simmering away. After dinner Grandma would put a plate of cookies on the table, not just for us kids but also for my Grandpa who would not leave the table without eating at least one cookie. There were always 8 or 9 different types of cookies, all homemade of course. I don’t know how she made so many different cookies all with different dough. I know how long it takes me to make one batch of cookies, I can’t imagine doing that. However my mom has kept up the multi-cookie tradition.
See I told you it seems like it was yesterday, I could go on with stories as that was a glimpse of just a couple days in these 50 years. I’m looking forward to the next 50.