Christmas Ramp Up

Here we are again, on the ramp up to Christmas, (although here in the UK we have had various Christmas items appearing in shops since late September) we are really in it now. Today in a shop I heard my first Christmas carol of the year. In the U.S. you guys have the buffer of Thanksgiving between Halloween and Christmas whereas here on November 1st the Halloween stuff is in the bargain bins and the Christmas paraphernalia is released.

This Friday is Black Friday, I personally think it should be called Black & Blue Friday because after trying to push your way through the hoards (with their pitch forks and flaming torches) you come home black & blue with bruises! Forget the Christmas spirit you are lucky to get out with your life.

Back on the lighter side of Christmas I do enjoy the town Christmas Tree lighting with the mulled wine and roasted chestnuts. As well as the local Christmas Fairs, Christmas Markets and festivals. Oh and one or two of the better Hallmark Christmas specials need to go into the mix!

I hope you and yours get the most out of this Christmas season and for those going through a difficult time I hope you find the true spirit of Christmas to help you get through.