Long Train Journey

I have the pleasure of taking the train today from Bristol to Barrow-in-Furness, for those of you in the US who are not familiar with our UK geography it is a very long trek up the country just shy of Scotland.  I always enjoy my train trips because you can gather so much information by just listening.  Sometimes however, I wish I could stop listening.  That is how it was for the first 2 hours of my journey.  I was sharing a table with two gentlemen travelling together and a young woman who did a great job of acting like the rest of us at the table were invisible, she actually looked through me a couple of times.  The two men of a mature age were re-telling stories of their working days.  Apparently this was a reunion of some sorts that they were on their way to.  I got to hear all about the various things they got up to “back in the day”.  They were heading for a week in Blackpool.  Again for those who have  not had the pleasure to visit Blackpool, I’ll try to explain.  Think of a city wearing more bling than a super model.  Then add the cheesiest carnival you have ever seen and multiply that by 10…you now have Blackpool.  It is all penny arcades, fair rides and lights.  To think that these two guys were going to spend a week there and they were very excited was almost too much for me.  They couldn’t wait to get a few pints on board and head for the rollercoaster! 

You never know what you will hear on a long train ride, I wonder what the next 4 hours will hold?