One of “those” business trips…

Yesterday afternoon I flew into one of the worlds great cities. This morning I am preparing for a 9:00 a.m. meeting, then it will be back to the airport and home. Meaning, another one of those business trips where you get to see absolutely nothing of the place you are visiting. This has happened numerous times in my 20 years of business travel however this is probably the only time that I did not even see anything on the way from the airport to the hotel. Reason, the customer that I am seeing this morning has their offices on a business park just off the airport so I am staying at a hotel also just off the airport, hence a 3 minute shuttle ride to the hotel and never actually entering the city of Geneva! Plus it is a Friday, prime opportunity to make a personal weekend of it but did Pam travel with me? No. Why? Because Donna has an afternoon of meetings once I get home this afternoon. Very sad huh? Not what I would like to be doing but it is “business travel” after all not a holiday.
Keep an eye out for further travel updates as I am embarking on a month of both personal and business trips from Texas to Oslo and 2-3 destinations in between. There is bound to be some travel stories coming out of that group of trips!

A Family Tradition for Valentine’s Day…Now Fully Appreciated

For as long as I can remember (that’s how theses stories always start don’t they, kind of like “once upon a time”…) every Valentine’s Day, my dad gave me a card and some kind of treat. I am the only girl between two boys and I used to think Dad did the card and treat thing so I wouldn’t feel left out when Mom got her Valentine’s gift. As I grew up and out of our family home my dad still sent the card on Feb 14th. I thought it was sweet that he kept up what was now a tradition. This year when the card arrived I finally understood why Dad started this in the first place. It was not so I wouldn’t feel left out and it wasn’t because it became a tradition after all those years, it was because of the very special bond a father has with his daughter. It is something no one else in the world can truly understand. I guess it has taken having two beautiful granddaughters and getting to see that father/ daughter bond grow between them and their dads that has finally given me the perspective.

So, thank you Dad for this year’s card and for all the cards and treats in years past. I love you!

Your favourite daughter xx


Early this morning a very special bundle arrived. 5 days after his official due date but exactly on time according to his mum. Rach said from the beginning that they were off by a week by her calculations.  Young Master Wilks made his entrance just one hour after arriving at the hospital. Much to the relief of mum because child number one took over 30 hours to appear.
When you have been waiting for the call and than it finally comes, all the questions come tumbling out at once. Is it a boy or a girl? What did it weigh? Is it healthily ? Is mum okay? Do you have a name yet.  Once the torrent of questions are answered you then shift to the next gear. Firstly, giving thanks for the welfare of both mother and child and then the random thoughts kick in. Will it have hair or will it be bald as a cue ball? Will he be a screamer or quiet baby? Will he play rugby or be a math wizard? What will the world be like when he grows up? Now the fun begins as we get to discover the answers to each of these questions and the million more that are out there waiting for him. World meet Baby Wilks, Baby Wilks the whole world awaits.