“Cone of Shame Weapon of Household Destruction”

In December we adopted a rescue dog from a local charity rescue centre. We knew that since he was a stray we would have some training issues to deal with. We also knew that he would have to be neutered which was all fine. The day came this week for his operation. We were given the option of a Buster Collar or a T-Shirt/baby grow. Trying to preserve some of his dignity we chose the T-Shirt.

After the surgery we picked Ted up and he walked out of the vet’s office looking cute in his onesie. We got home and he seemed settled and was not bothered by his new apparel. An hour later he popped his head up, looked down at himself and realised he was wearing some kind of clothing. Within 30 seconds the poppers were removed and the shirt was ripped off. He then figured out something was afoot with his anatomy, something major was missing! Immediately he went for the wound site and starting to pull the stitches. It is now 7:00 P.M. and the vet’s number rolled over to the after hours emergency number. I explained that Ted ate his T-Shirt and was now focused on the wound. I was advised that we needed to get him a Buster Collar tonight because he was in danger of opening the wound. So much for trying to save his dignity we now had to drive 45 minutes in the pouring rain and fog to the after hours vet to get his collar.

When we arrived it was quick and easy to get it fitted and the vet nurse explained that Ted’s spacial awareness would quickly adapt to the cone. He might bump into things tonight but would easily work it out.

#NoOneToldTed we are currently in day 3 of the Cone of Shame and Ted is operating like a runaway bumper car! There is not a door frame, piece of furniture or cupboard that he has not smacked into at high speed. Both Pamela and I have bruises up and down the backs of our legs from him trying to take us out by ramming us behind the knees.

Anyone who has seen one of these collars knows that they are made of strong plastic. Well when you look at Ted’s collar you can see the creases that he has made by the impacts it has taken. You would think that after running into stuff you would soon figure out that maybe you should slow down a bit because you are wearing a lamp shade on your head. Nope, not Ted. He has turned this medical device into a weapon of household destruction! Pam has removed furniture in a bid to minimise the number of objects that he can crash into and still we hear the constant sound Ted trying to smash his way through a doorway.

Pamela just looks at me, shaking her head and says “get a dog it will be fun!”