Caution: COVID – 19 May Cause Your Family to Spend More Time Together…

     …are you prepared? If the schools and universities close and businesses tell people to work from home that is going to mean a whole lot more family time. Forget stocking up on toilet roll, make sure your Internet is working! Netflix and Amazon Prime will be a must along with the games your kids will be playing. Don’t forget some schools and universities will move their lessons online. All those devices laying around the house (yes the ones you always ask your family why you need them all) will be put into action.  Let’s hope our broadband infrastructure is able to cope with all that extra volume plus the increased number web based conference calls and virtual meetings. 

     If not, it might be time to dust off those old box games that have been packed away for years. Who knows maybe Monopoly or Kerplunk could save your sanity! 

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