I Should Have Stayed in Bed

Today can only be classed as “one of those days”. Our dog woke me up at 3:21, I managed to convince her that she really didn’t need to go out. Alarm went off at 5:00, at the train station by 6:00. Train is 25 minutes late, once on the train they announce “We only have one power car working”, I guess that is equivalent to an engine. “This means we will continue to lose time on our way to London.” When we finally crawled into London we were 45 minutes late. At last I arrived at work to find there is no Network, no Wi-Fi or LAN. After twidling my thumbs for 30 minutes I left and went another site to work. Worst of all I have not had a coffee yet! I get into the second office of the day, get logged on and head to the coffee machine and guess what I find?

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