Another Sign of Getting Older

The other day I was thinking how as Pam and I are getting older our conversations are getting more like predictive text. Here is an example Pam is downstairs and shouts up “…has gone to pot” I go downstairs saying ” what has gone to pot? Expecting to find something not working. Pam looks at me and says “what are you talking about?” I said “you said something ‘has gone to pot’ so what is it?” Pam then begins to laugh, “I said I’m going to the shop!” (Depending on your generation you might relate better to Abbot & Costello’s “Who’s on First?”)
We tend to have loads of these cross purpose discussions, I blame it mostly on living in a 3 storey house so there is a lot of shouting up and down the stairs. Me “Have you seen my socks…” Pam “Why would I change the clock?”
I think you get the picture. It does keep conversations interesting.

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