Today’s Installment of Life on the Train

Well, this morning we started with a 35 minute delay out of Swindon owing to “train problems earlier, on the line”.  Once we were actually on the train and we got to Bristol Parkway (my first change of the day), I made it to my connecting train with seconds to spare. Deep breath we are back on schedule.  Now whizzing our way to Birmingham, 30 minutes in we stop and we wait…eventually the train manager announces that there are cows crossing the track so we will wait for them to cross.  The waiting continues and then we hear that we are being diverted because said cows are enjoying the grass alongside the track!  We change direction (driver running from one end to the other) so we can follow the diversion.  We get to the diversion point and lo and behold we are advised the cows have now sought greener pastures and we can return the way we came.  Poor driver hoofs it down the track once again to change direction. Finally back on the correct track, literally, we are now delayed by 35 minutes putting us in Birmingham precisely 10 minutes after my connecting train leaves the station.  Upon arriving at Birmingham I now get to sit and wait for an hour until the next train which will get me to my destination exactly 35 minutes before my meeting starts in a nearby town 30 minutes away!  Yep, my colleague who is picking me up in Preston will have to put his foot down and hope the roadways do not experience any of the same problems that the railways suffered today. 

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